It has been a while since writing.  Habits are definitely hard to start.  Even harder to restart, but worth the effort.  Many reasons why I am back today.  Many intersecting moments are directing me down a path I am excited to follow!

Here is what happened:

I marched with women friends this past weekend, Saturday, January 21st 2017 in the Women’s March on Washington DC.

I used my Orange Community Makers tag to make Pussy Hats for the march and gave over 35 hats to friends in and around Orange and women I met at march.  I LOVED this project! Using the handmade to “Share-Learn-Create-Connect” for community building is EXACTLY what I have been driven to do recently.

(***I get how some might feel that this particular project offends or leaves out some who feel that not having female genitalia means they are not welcome to support a “woman’s” march.  Maybe even wearing something called a “pussy hat” just feels wrong to you.  Please make your feelings and thoughts heard, I will listen. But know that you are welcome to fight for women’s rights and ALL human rights WITHOUT a pink hat…or I’ll even make you your very own fleece hat in whatever color you want. Just know that if you are willing to fight for Human Rights, you are welcome at my table just as you are and I will craft you a hat of your choosing and make it with love.***)


This morning I am trying to figure out how to promote community and fundraising for efforts on human rights and am researching starting an Etsy shop (rhymes with Betsy) to sell items made by Orange Community Makers AND as I am researching my name “My Day In Orange VA” I discover the First American Woman Blogger (I am giving her this title).  Who is she, you ask?  None other than Eleanor Roosevelt.  Did you know she had a five day per week, syndicated column from December of 1935- September of 1962?  Twenty-six years! of 5 day per week publishing!! Talk about a role model for bloggers!

What was it called??!!  MY DAY  (Holy $#*%!!!) Well…perhaps I have been channeling my inner Eleanor and didn’t know it with MyDayinOrangeVA.

One of her main issues was human rights.  If you haven’t read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, please do.  Seth Godin just blogged the other day about how he believes Human Rights might be human’s greatest invention.

Do you see how my world’s are colliding?

Crazy…It’s as if the universe is telling me to get off my arse and get marching…

Thank you to all who have gone before to pave the way…I am about to lay down a bit more asphalt for the future.

For your listening pleasure:  Still I Rise, by Maya Angelou

I met Maya Angelou in February of 1990. Here I am in my office with her autograph.



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