My Snooze Button Habit

Baby tiny steps
Baby tiny steps

I think I’ve mentioned here that I am not one for mornings.  I can wake up when I need to, but my preferred morning routine is to stay in bed and lounge as long as possible.  I love a slow start.

Recent suggestions for starting a writing habit include lots of advice about the merits of getting up early and writing first thing. To me, that seems ridiculously hard.  TWO new habits at once? Waking up AND writing?  Ridiculous!  I am trying to break this down into at least three parts.  Tiny baby steps.

First Step:  Wake up on time.

Here is how the morning wake up usually goes:  First alarm goes off 20 minutes before I need to get up.  I hit snooze and it goes off again right before my second alarm. Second alarm goes off 10 minutes before I MUST to get up.  I hit snooze on this and when all hell breaks loose on both alarm snoozes ringing, I know my time is up.  Nuts right?  Twenty full minutes of alarm/snooze button hell!

My first step:  Cut it down to one alarm that rings ten minutes before I have to get up and going for the  day. Immediately I put my feet on the floor, hit snooze, and do 10 minutes of stretching. When snooze goes off, I know I have to stop stretching and get dressed. I give myself a sticker on a pretty wall calendar I’ve hung by my bed when I do this.  (Putting some of my daughters’ excess Frozen stickers and behavior chart techniques to good use). So far it has been 15 days in a row. Seeing that line of stickers makes me not what to miss a day. Childish? Perhaps, but I am a whiny child about waking up early, so that is how I’m treating myself.

Maybe if I get to a month of waking up on time, I’ll try to wake up ten minutes earlier as my second step.  No need to rush this thing.  This first step has been tiny, but rewarding. Ultimately, I’d like to wake up 30 minutes early with 10 minutes of stretching and 20 minutes of writing. But like I said, tiny baby steps.

Time to flip the calendar to June.


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