Starting a New Habit

The blog challenge I am working on started its DAY 4 email with:

“Before we go on, we want to make something very clear: the whole point of this challenge is to build your consistent writing habit so you start to give your ideas room to grow and share them with others.

We see that as the most powerful self-discovery process on the planet. You’ll start to learn what excites you, what others resonate with and how you can combine those two to build a career around something you care about.”

It continued with,

The more we can identify our life’s highlights, the better we’ll be able to notice the patterns in our actions and thinking that led to those outcomes. Shoot for that minimum 100 word limit and ideally write this first thing in the morning, before distractions hit.”

—-LYL blog challenge DAY 4

All sounded great!  I love writing, but, well, we have a love/hate sort of thing.  I get distracted and blather on and on and then have to edit like mad, cutting out so much squirrel chatter it is exhausting and time consuming. (Larry and I find each others company amusing. We stay up way too late to talk.)

Why NOT just stay up late?  Why fight the night owl urge?

Here’s the rub:

(Young children + mornings + staying up too late writing) x posting publicly to my blog = a cranky mommy/wife with blog anxiety.

Once my family wakes up, my writing intentions get very little priority until after they all go to bed at night.  My children want my undivided attention.  My husband needs a parenting partner.  My work is flexible, but still has need of my time!

So how do I make blog writing a habit?  It’s only been a week and I am still at it, but WOW, I had no idea how ridiculously hard this would be for me. I cannot write and multitask.  It is all consuming. I’ve been resisting the “wake up early!” method  as I’ve never have been one much for mornings.

Guess that is why LYL calls it a blog challenge.

…maybe I’ll procrastinate on writing anymore and go reread Gretchin Rubin’s book about forming habits Better Than Before.


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